BP (coffee) spill

Since an explosion of one of BP’s underwater oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, over 2.5 million gallons per day (the latest estimation) of oil has flowed into the sea from the well being drilled by the Deepwater Horizon rig. The region’s already fragile ecosystems are threatened even further. BP was rightfully held fully accountable for its mishap (although it initially deflected blame as much as possible), as promised Obama in his June 15th Oval Office speech. A $20 billion escrow fund to pay for damages has already been set up, after a meeting between Obama and BP officials yesterday.

I encourage everyone to be informed on the matter, as this is a serious concern. The environment is going to be the topic of conversation for the next few decades. Energy discussions have clearly increased as the energy security of each nation is threatened with dwindling fossil fuels, along with the (serious) threat of Global Warning.

But even amongst all the seriousness, we must maintain our sense of humor. The video below is one that my friend brought to my attention. Pretty hilarious. Enjoy.

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  1. Steve Rogers

    Sure yes $20 billion is good and can hopefully help somehow but I cant help but wonder why is BP only getting the blame? I’m in no way apologizing to the company like a certain senator but what about the MMS, and the horrible job they did? Why is there no government accountability for it? I feel Obama just let them slide.

    Its job was to regulate and to watch these oil companies as they engaged in drilling and yet we now know there were many issues in which they did their “regulating.” Which includes taking tickets to sporting events, watching porn on government computers during work (paid by yours and my tax money) and allowing the oil company rig managers to pencil in reports that the MMS should have been doing…

    Its disturbing.

    And yeah thats a hell of a funny clip.

    1. The Cool

      Very good points. It really bothers me that not only does BP have no answer to the crisis (or at least no good answers), but that NO ONE else does either. No other energy company, the government, or any other organization has the resources or knowledge necessary to stop this leak. The way I see it, the leak was an accident and its unfortunate it happened, but it is inexcusable that there is no reasonable method to stop the leak in under 5-6 months. Clearly there is an underlying problem in the industry not just with BP, so some of the blame should be spread around.

      I guess we just have to sit and wait for the relief wells to be drilled. In meantime, lets just hope people in that region find a way to support their families and we don’t find too many more dead fish, dolphins, turtles, and birds.

      P.S. I’ve read that it will take nearly 10 years for all of the oil to become “untraceable” in the ocean. Also because of the large amount of methane in the well, dead zones (areas of no oxygen) are being created within the water, which means any marine life in the area will die.

      Video is hilarious though, and is a good way of highlighting the idiocy of this whole situation.

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