5 tips to buying a watch

  1. Never outright buy a watch online. You’ll never know how much you like a watch until you actually wear it. However, I do suggest going to a store trying a watch on then trying to find a better price online.
  2. If you go to a store, try a watch on, and if you are not immediately in love with it, do not buy it. If you buy a watch you do not “love” I guarantee you will not wear it.
  3. Make sure the watch fits your style. If you are not a rapper or hip hop mogul do not try to dress like one. If you have small wrists buy smaller watches. A watch should fit you and your persona.
  4. If you are buying a professional watch, stay simple. The simplest, thinnest, and smallest watches can often be the best.
  5. If you have time, go to an outlet store. They have a large watch selection at a huge discount. Technically the watches are out of season, but if you were to go online and find their “new” counterparts, you will often notice that any design changes are minute and sometimes even unnoticeable.

Here are the watches I have:

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    1. The Cool

      Well given our financial situation (students) company quality isn’t the biggest issue. We can’t really afford what is truly the best (although i’d rather have a citizen then timex haha) Movement, also matters very little until you get to the expensive end of the spectrum. Regarding power, I know Citizen has the self powering watches which is nice, but you do pay a premium for it. Depending on the watch company it may be worth just replacing the battery. My skagen costs 50 to replace the battery and it cost 75 on sale. I know Citizen watches often cost 200+, but I wouldn’t say they are of any higher quality. I highly doubt i’ll be replacing my watch batter 2-3 times over the life of my watch.

      but yea before i bought my watches I did look up the companies and check out the overall durability of the watch.

  1. chirag

    Well if you consider the financial situation for all products, then the little things that make the product”high quality” do not matter any more. No?

  2. The Cool

    hmm…i dont know. I think its different for watches then it is for a TV or something. Obviously there are brands that are “better” then others, but when you walk into a story your going to wear what appeals to you not what has the best name (or at least you should). I’ve yet to buy a watch b/c of its brand name. Its been purely about how it looked or I felt wearing it.

    Also I think a lot of the features of high end watches are unnoticeable to most. If you put a high end samsung tv next to a Vizio, you will clearly see the difference, but if you put a skagen next to a David Yuran watch you may notice a difference, but i doubt you would guess one costs 75 to 150 and the other costs 1500 to 3000.

    at the end of the day I think you should buy what “feels” right and the name of the watch doesn’t matter THAT much.

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