Great White Buffalo

Not sure if you’ve heard about the new wave originating from Jamaica and soon to crash onto a (Jersey?) shore near you. It takes dancing, grinding, dry humping, blue balls, dick chafing, etc to a whole new level.  I’m referring to “daggering”; see for yourself…

Saw Hot Tub Time Machine again and I thought it was great. John Cusack isn’t the funniest guy, but that’s what Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Clark Duke are casted for. Aside from the one-liners, an underlying theme about time travel and 2nd chances makes this film worth watching. If you could go back in time, would you change anything? We all have regrets, but are they awful enough to risk losing what you have now?

I think the scariest part about getting old is looking back and wishing you did more; forgetting the great memories only to remember the painful ones that left you scarred; reminiscing about the ones you let get away (the great white buffalo). But that’s exactly what we will do; we’ll always think that there was something we could do to make things better, to end up with a better job, to have married richer, or even to have avoided catching the clap after prom night. But your mind is playing games with your feelings; the tear-jerking movies you watch and the 80s rock ballads you listen to have predisposed you to feeling this way. The concept of time travel is a dirty cocktease catering to the insecurities inside us all.

That how I feel, at least.

To cap this off, just wanted to say that Mark Sanchez is a Pearl Jam fan. He’s here with Jamie Lynn Sigler at MSG during what appears to be the end of their song ”Alive”:

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