Would you rather…

Would you rather live forever but have a life time sentence in prison?

or would you rather be diagnosed with a terminal cancer with an ETD of about 2-3 months?

Honestly if life is all about experiences… I would choose the terminal cancer.  Why be barred up for the rest of my life?  I can’t see myself having any fun in prison… maybe read some cool books and be ripped as hell… but then what?  Mashed potatoes can only taste good so many times a week.  Plus I fumble things a lot… that bar of soap that I’m going to be using to earn me my knickname “Mr. Clean” is definitely going to be dropping on the tan tiled turf of the shower room floor.  Why would I ever want to be put in such a situation?  Live life, have fun and make some memories.

How about another situation… would you rather be stuck at the bottom of the ocean floor alone forever (you have gills!)

or would you rather be put in a white padded room at one of those psycho clinics? (yes forever)

I don’t know about you.. but sign me up for the padded room! at least I’ll have moments and glimpses of some human interaction.  I guess if I learn to speak fish, the ocean floor wouldn’t be too bad.  It’d be like “Finding Nemo” all over again except… I would be Nemo, and I wouldn’t be a fish.  A clown however… well that’s not for me to decide…  Or if I found the lost city of Atlantis… or Aquaman… or a really hot Mermaid… but I feel like that would become a little frustrating when I get to know her a little better… (seeing how they are fish from waist down).  Platonic-ness would drive me insane… which brings me right back to the initial problem of trying to keep my sanity.  Hey maybe I’ll get an upgrade and they’ll install a nice little 23″ LCD with PPV and on demand.  Padded room for the win!

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