Avi Ravilla




Monik Sheth

Monik (rhymes with Sonic) is a rising senior at Drexel University majoring in Economics. He has a wide array of interests, and hopes to inspire, enlighten, or  at least entertain readers with this blog. Monik is a passionate fan of good music and sports, but his interests are varied, and so will be his writing. His friends would say that he is the idealist of this group of writers; he would agree.




(In$ecurities) is a huge NYJ and New York sports fan in general. Now that his glory days of playing soccer and lacrosse in high school are over, he spends his time reading, writing short stories, playing guitar, trading the Yen, and occasionally attending class (Econ major at Drexel in Philadelphia, PA).

Likes: technology, italian/chinese/japanese food, traveling, being with family, coconut water, HBO, movie quoting, getting A2M, Russian literature, Kenny Powers, and Natalie Portman. Dislikes: people who chew with their mouths open, the Patriots/Dolphins, the N word, Waterworld, pretentious hipsters, felching, and cherry-wheat beer.

Kunal Lodaya

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