Why LeBron James is NOT an A**hole

This is a quick response to The Cool’s article on Why LeBron James is an A**Hole.

I am upset with the WAY that LeBron left as well, but not so much at the fact that he left. I was actually watching LeBron’s 1-hour special with a bunch of people that included three Cleveland residents. They all claimed that they knew Bron would leave, over a year ago; it was anticipated. I mean to be regarded the best player in the world and rep Cleveland? Doesn’t really make sense. This “kid” has repped Cleveland his whole life, and while some people claim that he is abandoning his hometown, why the hell should he stay in Cleveland. He has no idea what another city has to offer him. This is HIS life, and I think that he has every right to pursue a great opportunity in Miami.

It seems that everyone is pissed at LeBron right now, so I’ll play devil’s advocate and counter The Cool’s points (you should probably read his post first for this to make sense):

1. Maybe he could have stayed in Cleveland and recruited talent, but you have to consider his past. He has been in Cleveland, regarded as one of the best players for the past five years, but received no NBA ring. That’s frustrating, to spend your whole life in a winless city. Wade ALREADY HAS a championship and he had both Shaq and Pat Riley. And Wade didn’t recruit anyone, the initial hype of the three playing together was media generated.

2. I actually think this is the root of all hatred– LeBron’s method of leaving. But I think he is sincere when he says that he did not know his decision until the morning of the announcement. He probably consulted all of 5 people with his final decision. Like he mentioned in the interview with Wade and Bosh, he did not want others’ biases to influence his decision. At least he was fair in that he never told anyone what his decision was. I don’t think he told Pat Riley or Wade or Bosh; they all found out when we found out, watching the announcement.

3. Could you go through your whole life, being the best at what you do, but stuck with ONE team? Maybe he is better off in Miami, maybe he would’ve been better off at Cleveland. But why shouldn’t he TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. It’s one of those things that you just need to see what else is out there. Maybe LeBron was too large for that city; maybe the team, personnel, whatever was confining his dreams. If you’re not happy at home, you gotta hit the road. Change is good, at least it will be a learning experience.

4. Does wanting to play with two other superstars cheapen his career? This argument can go either way, but at the end of the day, LeBron has to live with his decision. If he wants to share the pain, so be it. He understands that he is also sharing the glory. I mean think about the types of moves teams like LA and Boston made to create deadly teams! Remember when Garnett cried because he just couldn’t win in Minnesota? What happened next is he “ditched” the T-Wolves and joined Pierce and Jesus Shuttlesworth in Boston. But he got little to no criticism. I understand the individuals are different, but the concept is the same. As a free agent, you NEED to be selfish. You think Garnett would’ve gotten that ring in Minnesota if he just kept trying and didn’t give up? I think not. Maybe LeBron felt the same way.

5. Everything is money-motivated, but it’s just a sweet bonus to this move to South Beach. No matter where LeBron goes, he’s getting paid, and he’s getting some nice endorsements. This is not unique to the Miami contract he signed.

Honestly, LeBron is misunderstood. But he hasn’t been a kid about it; you can tell that he’s matured. I’m glad that he is sticking to his decision to join the Heat, and ignoring all the heat that is coming his way as a result.

Some other points:

Dan Gilbert is shameless. He is the owner of the Cavs! I could not believe that letter; it’s completely uncalled for. Who is he to speak on behalf of an entire city and defame Lebron’s name and image? He thinks that he is comforting the fans, but he’s filling them with false and unfounded hype for the future and a bitter hatred of the past. Rev. Jesse Jackson said it best when he criticized Dan Gilbert for referring to LeBron as if he was a “runaway slave”.

I feel bad for athletes, but I’m glad that LeBron can handle the heat (get it?). Fans are so passionate about their teams, that they sometimes forget that these superstars are human beings. His move to South Beach is a life decision for him. If you don’t like that, at least have the decency to respect him. LeBron James, and the Miami Thrice, will be competing as Eastern Conference Champs next year. Pat Riley is a mad scientist, a meticulous coach (assuming he steps down and runs this team courtside), and will create team chemistry for LeBroshAde to work.

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