Step up your game Comcast, to xfinity and beyond.

Comcast… you had it all… you had the technology, you had the capital, you had the backing of most of the people in the area. We’ll be frank, dish doesn’t really compare to the services that are provided by Comcast especially when different services are bundled together. And yes, On Demand is great, no it is awesome, the fact that a subscriber can just watch anything they want just by the touch of a button.

But what happened Comcast? you had it all, and you still managed to @#$* it up. You didn’t even outsource your customer service to another country to have cheaper employees. You freaking erected a gigantic building that resembles a Penis in the middle of Philadelphia. And yes that building is awesome, been there and basked in its awesomeness. But yet, you still managed to #@($ it all up. You know what really grinds people’s gears? When you charge them for things that you never told them. We subscribed to you, received the self install kit, and then you told us that the previous owners had FIOs so you would have to send a tech to switch over the wire. That sounded great! Great service! He came the very next day, what you DIDNT TELL US is that you were going to charge us 49.99 to send a guy to switch a wire in the back room. We could have easily done that! But you know what’s the worst part? Even after complaining about the unjustified charge, you didn’t even accept the mistake and take it away, you wanted to compromise and give us half credit. Well guess what, we didn’t take part in YOUR mistake, so YOU should handle all the repercussions!

We cancelled our account, and switched to Verizon FIOs, hello Verizon (home of great customer care by the way).

And lets take this one step further to something that most people… overlook. The speed difference between FIOS and Comcast Cable (or xfinity, whatever you guys want to call yourselves these days as to avoid the downfall that seems to be occurring). The basic plans:

FIOs charges $54.95, free installation, for 10 MBPS down/2 MBPS up
Comcast Charges $39.99 promotion (and then increases to $64.99 after 6 months), without free installation for 15 MBPS down/2M MBPS with PowerBoost

So what is powerboost? It’s another phony name to make Comcast sound cool… all it is is an extra little bit of bandwith that you get to enjoy for a few minutes before the speed drops down to 12 MBPS/2 MBPS. So if we’re going to compare, we should probably use these new speeds now. So although they still seem faster than Verizon’s FIOs, the realtime usage of these speeds is quite contrary. Having both services, we can easily testify that Verizon’s speed does not fluctuate, you get great speeds all the freaking time. Comcast on the other hand? We have had our slow days and moments of frustrations.

We just want to add, Thank You Verizon for being completely honest, having cheaper packages (84.95 for the triple play), better tv quality, fast internet, and great customer service. When they say they take fiber-optics straight to your door, Verizon really does do that. Comcast takes fiber-optics to their hub and then uses the same old wiring that they’ve been using for years to continue the wiring to your residence (the choke point is what determines your overall speed and quality of service). Go for the switch. Because all Comcast seems to be doing nowadays is the same as Apple… adding buffering adjectives before all their products to make it SEEM better (powerboost, xfinity, etc,) when the matter of fact is the opposite. Go $*(# yourself Comcast.

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  1. The Cool

    We still can’t get FIOS at the house :(..our internet goes out every 30-60 minutes. Oh and by the way, PowerBoost doesn’t even last for a couple minutes. Its a speed boost given to files that are under 1mb for the first 30 seconds of download, so yea its useless. You can download a word document really really fast. Also for all the people who think Xfinity is something different – its literally the same thing, they just changed their name to get rid of the negative stereotype..the same way Smirnoff Ice is changing its name so guys don’t think its a girly drink anymore (not gonna work).

    here is my post about my experience with them this past year…

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