Week 1 Thoughts

Is Mike Vick back?

Vikings vs. Saints:

I was surprised by the play of both teams. Neither was very good but the Saints were certainly better. Hopefully the rust shakes off by week 2. For all of those of you who said or thought Favre didn’t need training camp I refer you to the box score.

Bengals vs. Patriots:

Damn I’d like to know who saw Wes Welker coming. I hate the Patriots but I admire this guy’s determination to succeed and recover from his injury. He doesn’t seem to have lost a step. After being shunned the entire season for the more “entertaining” NY Jets I expect the Patriots to come out guns blazing for the first few weeks. Interested in seeing if the Jets can stop Welker next week…

Ocho Cinco and Owens did not seem to be much of a factor in this game. I think everyone is blowing the whole Owens walking off the field at halftime situation way out of proportion. I expect improvements from Cincy in future weeks.

Broncos vs. Jaguars:

We may see the Tim Tebow era begin sooner rather than later if Orton keeps playing like this. The Broncos lack a true number one receiver and that is going to hinder their production all season.

Strong showing by the Jags but I expect more from MJD.

Lions vs. Bears:

I’m really upset Stafford is hurt. This kid definitely has a bright future. Luckily, his injury was to his non-throwing shoulder and he will not require surgery. The first quarter play by the Lions was very impressive and had Stafford stayed in the game they surely would have won. They still almost won the game, but an inane rule cost them the W.

Forte looks good; the rest of Chicago is whatever.

Falcons vs. Steelers:

Good win for the Steelers; they are one game closer to having Big Ben back.

Titans vs. Raiders:

Chris Johnson is well on his way to his 2,500 yard season. Just how good is Nnamdi Asomugha? Kenny Britt didn’t even get thrown to in this game. It’s a damn shame his talent is wasted on this team.

Texans vs. Colts:

Hello Arian Foster, you are the answer to every Texans fan’s prayers. If the Texans can combine their high powered passing attacking with numbers Foster put up on Sunday, this is going to be the year the Texans make the playoffs.

49ers vs. Seahawks

People picked the 49ers to win the division…people may be changing their minds now. Maybe Pete Carroll can coach in the NFL?

Eagles vs. Packers

Was that the Michael Vick of old we saw out there? I’m not a fan of Vick (on or off the field), but I must admit the showing he put forth on Sunday was quite exciting. Looks like we have a quarterback controversy in the making…

I lost Ryan Grant for the season…Thoroughly pissed off.

Redskins vs. Cowboys:

Just like the Jets, it seems as if the Cowboys have a boatload of problems everyone chose to ignore during the offseason. We’ll see if they can fix them by Week 2.

The Redskins will win games. They won’t be amazing, but they will win.

Ravens vs. Jets:

This was put up or shut up for the Jets and they certainly shut up. 10 penalties for 125 yards in your HOME stadium is absolutely ridiculous. Only things that may have been worse about this game are 74 yards passing by a “franchise” QB, an offensive coordinator who couldn’t call his way out of a paper bag, benching your number one RB for the entirety of the second half (minus 2 plays), and a tight end who doesn’t seem to know where the first down marker is on 4th down. P.S. Kris Jenkins is out for the season.

Boldin showed the Ravens he can be a true number one receiver. If the Ravens can keep up the tenacity on defense they will have a good year.

Chiefs vs. Chargers:

Jaamal Charles all day, every day. The reason Gary lost to Monik in fantasy. DONE.

Games to watch next week:

NYJ vs. NE



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