Thoughts on “This Film is Not Yet Rated”

I don’t know what the “legitimate bounds” of a documentary exactly are, but I can tell you that there is an obvious bias against the ratings system from the start. Although I happen to agree with Dick’s general opinion on the issue, he gives no concessions to the opposition whatsoever. And to further marginalize the opposing viewpoint, he uses satanic depictions of Jack Valenti, former president of the MPAA, to prove his point. But Dick had to make his film a cult success if his objective was to enact change on ratings policies; thus, trading honest reporting for entertaining biased truths was necessary to garner attention to the matter. I can’t imagine this film being successful without all the quirky adventures, blatant spying, relatively liberal viewpoints, and slandering of the ratings agencies. I really enjoyed the film for what it is, but if we’re concerned with fairness and objective truth, we have to address the inherent biases in this film.

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