What happens when you watch “Gran Torino” too many times

Tom: You get out at 2 right

Tom: I’m not going to my afternoon class

Me: kk so still 3pm?

Tom: No im just waiting for you to get outta class gook

Me: Word, sounds good ya slopey eyed behemoth

Tom: …you didnt answer the question you slanty eyed troll. What time do you get out of class

Me: 2pm you jerkoff scumdeezy shithead pussface

Tom: alright thanks you twat lipped scumguzzling fuck head

Me: Touche. I respect that. u felching piece of hairy dog taint.

Tom: Why thank you, you curry smelling jar jar binks sounding piece of ejaculate

Me: That was a stretch, gumby. literally run onto a sword you glory-hole-exploringtranny predator

Tom: Sounded pretty good to me. go cuddle with more dudes you mangina flaunting, grundle guzzling pedophile pounder

Me: Seems like youve suddently discovered alliteration, u illiterate dumbfuck. Take your nursey rhymes w/ you to prison pedobear.

Tom: Seems like you’re a little perturbed. Take your anger and go do something your better at than arguing. Like furiously jerking off until your needle dick is swollen. Coontie.

Me: Duly noted. I’ll do that after you’re done getting served portuguese breakfasts outta your boyfriends ass. momo

Tom: I’ll make sure I keep the leftovers since I know thats your favorite thing to smother all over your face

Me: I would never, I have sensitive skin. Spunk facials are your thing, peeping Tom

Tom: I always assumed that was how you maintained your yellow appearance and since you know, you’re into that kinda thing.

Me: Just pick me up at 230 u chimp

Tom: Hurry up you fagle.

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