Why the Eagles-Vikings game was postponed

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the Eagles game being postponed “due to weather”, including Governor Rendell. Really?

People are complaining the NFL made the move perhaps for money, or maybe because it’s too strict and boring nowadays. But I think that the right decision was made. You can call it the No Fun League, but being a Philly fan I’m happy about the postponement. Think about how many NFL injuries there have been this year—it’s getting pretty ridiculous, definitely the highest since expanding the league to 32 teams in ’02. We’ll see the final numbers once the season is officially over. Anyway, this isn’t 1950’s America, and I’m tired of people saying the NFL isn’t what it used to be. Of course it isn’t, we’re approaching 2011.

As a fan, you should be happy you’re getting a football game on a Tuesday night. As for Eagles fans that are irate about this and who claim that it’s a bad idea to play against the Cowboys on 4 days of rest, think about the alternative. This Vikings game would have been terrible for the Eagles. The entire Eagles squad (especially Vick and Jackson) is injury prone; even a few inches of snow would have dramatically increased their chances of getting hurt. You think Mike Vick would have like to scramble around for 30 yard runs in even a couple inches of snow Sunday? One bad slip and he’s gone for the year, and there goes our chances in the playoffs. The move to postpone the game was definitely good for the players, and it was also good for traveling fans and especially employees. Lincoln Financial Field and ARAMARK employ thousands of employees each game, who have to arrive hours before the start, and stay for hours after the finish of the game. My fraternity actually fundraises at these games, and we’re thrilled that we didn’t have to make that trip to and from the Linc Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think the League is a little hypocritical; Goodell is pushing for 18 game seasons, yet his concern is player safety. But that’s a whole different topic. I’m just ready to enjoy this rare Tuesday night football game!

Vikings fans, you’re particularly lucky that game was canceled. See below for what misery you luckily escaped.

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