My Plain White Tee

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Got bored today and wrote a free verse. Don’t know if this is a return or just a casual visit but we’ll see 😉

My Plain White Tee

I never used to wear one,
A plain white tee.
I never knew what it was for,
Or why some people had them,
And some others didn’t.

But then one day when I was 15,
I put it on, it felt different.
It made me feel warm;
Sometimes it made me feel safe,
And still others, claustrophobic.

I was often embarrassed,
So I wore it underneath;
I felt better concealing it.
Sometimes I would let some of it show,
A sleeve highlight or a v-neck on top.

It was my way of showing I had it on.
Then one day everything changed.
I was convinced to wear it bare,
To show the world my plain white tee.
Afraid to do so alone; but not with a helping hand.

Days passed, even weeks
I wore it proudly, but then it happened.
I looked down and saw a horrid sight
In an ocean of white, there was something off
A stain of disgrace.

I had kept my shirt shielded,
Afraid of getting it dirty,
Afraid that the world would treat it harshly,
Afraid that I was not ready.
But head strong, I threw it in the hamper to be worn another day.

Months passed, even years, I washed it many times.
I still wear my tee, often underneath.
Sometimes I am daring, and bring it out.
But now it’s been through quite a few mishaps.
The color is not as true as it once was.

That which started off as an ocean of white, is now polluted
With blacks and greys, and some distasteful browns.
I guess it gives my tee some character.
Recently, I’ve found myself not wearing it much
Because sometimes it feels better to wear nothing at all.

But blame me not, for my guarded nature.
It’s my tee; It’s who I am; and I will protect it.
My tee and I, we’ve been through a lot.
So when I wear it out for you, please treat it with respect.
And more importantly please prove me wrong.


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