Metaphorically Speaking

I’ve always been an avid supporter and fan of (most) Hip-Hop. I think the artistic nature of the genre is comparable to no other. The beats, the style, the confidence (arguably cockiness), and the overall “culture” all contribute to its appeal. I agree that today, a lot of the raw talent and artistry has become industrialized to appease a more generic audience. Sometimes, the Hip-Hop arena seems more like a circus.

One aspect of Hip-Hop that has always fascinated me is the emphasis on lyricism. More specifically, a nicely delivered metaphor has always made me rewind a rap.

There are times when I think of the most amazing metaphors, but then forget them. I can relate to Kanye when he says “I forgot better lines than you ever thought of.” I literally (as opposed to metaphorically) thought of the most amazing metaphor (I’m exaggerating, but it was pretty dope) that inspired me to write this blog post, and by the end of my last sentence it slipped my mind, and thus led me to write this sentence.

Here is a metaphor I thought of a few weeks back – “My metaphors are more like metafives.” (Don’t steal it!)

Lupe definitely has clever metaphors, including this one:

“Never met her before, but I like her, like a metaphor.”


A metaphor about metaphors! Sick, sort of like my metaphor above right?

Of course, Jay-Z never fails to deliver:

“If you don’t give me heaven, I raise hell…”

-Justify My Thug

So effortless, yet so effective this man is.

One day, I’m going to write the sickest metaphor…

“For you, I wanna write the sickest rhyme of my life
So sick it’ll blow up the mic, it’ll put the dyna in mite
Yeah it’ll make the dopest MC wanna jump off a bridge and shit hisself
Tap dancin’ all over the beat, it’ll jump off the page and spit itself”

-You’re Never Over, Eminem

The question is– is it better to have thought and forgot, than to have never thought at all?

Like Common said, sometimes we catch ‘Alzrhymers’.

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