Paranormal Inactivity

Imagine being in a room alone just minding your own business. You’re living your life, in your own solitude.  But what if you really weren’t alone?

I crashed a 25th anniversary party this weekend… and at this party I met a man, for our sake’s we’ll call him Chris. (FYI Chris is on a Paranormal Team that investigates Hauntings) So Chris brought something… interesting to my attention.  Just as there are other dimensions to life, other frequencies that reveal new things, why can’t there be other planes of existence?  Why can there not be a plane of existence for spirits?  Spirits that never wanted to go to their final resting place but rather stay lost in this middle “zone” stuck between reality and the “beyond.”

Of course I didn’t believe this at all… at first.  And obviously I took everything he was telling me as being truthful since he really had no reason to lie.  But after reviewing some of his findings… I guess what I see as reality is not “all” of reality.  Chris had been in an isolated location trying to find traces of “spirits.” He used some recording device that could record on other frequencies that are not audible to the human ear.  And there it was, underneath the chatter of Chris and his partner during an investigation, there was a little girl’s voice asking for her mommy and for someone to play with her.  There was obviously no little girl that came with them on their investigation, and the location had been isolated for years.  Freaky eh?

So then … is it possible that I’m really not alone in this room right now? but rather unaware both consciously and subconsciously about the alternate reality that CAN exist, just not in any physical manifestation that can be picked up by my senses?

There’s a lot of weird shit in this world… things that go unexplained, and maybe this is just an explanation, an abstract idea, to explain something that is just as nearly abstract and out there.  But who hasn’t felt like they are being watched, or that something had just brushed past them for an instance even when there was no one there.

In the hype of talking about ghosts and spirits and… being drunk, we decided to go on our own investigation. There was a house abandoned for years, covered by forest all around.  The driveway had gave way for grass to grow on top; trees had fallen in the vicinity indicating no human presence for quite some time. (May 2nd Post).  That is the house.

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