Quick Thoughts/Questions before the NFL season

Are the Ravens going to be the best team in football? – For all the hype the New York Jets are getting, part of me thinks some of it should be going towards the Ravens. If you really look at their team, you’ll see a team that is very similar to the Jets and may actually be better at certain positions. With a Defense that has proven to be one of the best year after year, it is hard to expect anything less from them going into this year (although they are aging). They have 3 receivers who are on par with the Jets receivers and none of them have 4 game suspensions. Ray Rice is capable of being a top 3 RB and their QB is certainly more “proven” then Mark Sanchez (although not by much). Just like the Jets, I believe the success of their season relies on a healthy defense and a strong showing at QB.

Will Mark Sanchez become a franchise QB? – He talks the talk, but he has trouble walking the walk. He has shown sparks of brilliance, but has also fallen flat on his face. For all the confidence he shows, I often wonder if it is just false bravado. He has to learn how to make the smart throw, how to the throw the ball away, and most importantly how to have a short-term memory. He has the tools to be great, but currently lacks the mental fortitude to achieve it. His preseason was rough to say the least, but with a more prominent running attack I think he will show improvement in the regular season.

How good will Terrell Owens be? – My prediction: 650 yards, 5 TDs

Will the Steelers make the playoffs? Big Ben is out for 4 games and both Cincinnati and Baltimore are looking like good teams. I think they would be very lucky to catch a Wild Card spot.

Who will be better, Tennessee or Houston? – Houston is still searching for a playoff berth and CJ is trying to be the best RB ever. Regardless, I think both teams ultimate success lies in their QB’s performance. Schaub has put up great numbers, but can he make the throws when it counts? He’s going to have to win some close games for Houston to make the playoffs. Tennessee needs Vince Young to continue building his confidence and put together a consecutive solid year of production. He has a talented receiver in Kenny Britt. My bet is on Tennessee.

How long will it take for the Broncos to regret drafting Tim Tebow? – They probably already do. They will never admit it though. Biggest waste of a draft pick ever. Teach him to catch and make him a TE.

How bad will Oakland be? – My guess – 4-12

Who will win the NFC East? – I think the Cowboys are the best team in the division by far. I think they will win the division, but this doesn’t mean they won’t crumble in the playoffs like they usually do. Roy Williams will fade away, and Dez Bryant will begin proving his skeptics wrong. Miles Austin will regress from his previous statistical glory. The Giants will get second, but they will have their own struggles. Eli Manning still needs to leave the shadow of his older brother. Yes he has a Superbowl ring, but he still has yet to be a consistent stud. Ahmad Bradshaw is going to burn some people. The Redskins and Eagles will battle it out for third place. The Eagles will be the better team in the long run, but this year – I’m not so sure.

Who will be the best fantasy QB in the league? – Aaron Rodgers.

Will Favre have another magical year? – Doubtful. Last year was the best season of his ENTIRE career. The chances of him matching it let alone surpassing it are slim to none. Factor in his ailing receivers and a bus load of defenses who are gunning for him, I’d be very surprised if he puts up numbers near what he did last year. I think AP will carry more of the load this year. Personally I look forward to seeing the Saints and Jets defenders rock him.

Other Random thoughts:

  • Matt Stafford will improve greatly
  • Pete Carroll will crash and burn
  • Derek Anderson may surprise some people. If not, it’s going to be a long year for Fitzy
  • Crabtree is going to tear it up. Gore will last a whole season (for once)
  • Vincent Jackson should get punched for demanding a new contract while being suspended for 6 games..for a DUI…wtf…

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